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Cooperation creates the first complete and independent marketplace for structured products.

Cooperation between the life cycle management platform of CAT Financial Products and the multi-issuer "click-and-trade" platform strukis.com creates the first complete and independent marketplace for structured products.

The combination of the two platforms enables the first holistic and bank-independent solution for structured products - from indicative pricing, multi-issuer and best-execution evaluation, through closing, to booking and across the entire life-cycle management and reporting - all fully automated and via one platform. CATFP will further develop the strukis.com platform, integrate it into the CATFP platform and thus make it available to CATFP customers. In addition, the CATPF life-cycle management platform will be integrated into strukis.com and will now be offered as a single or combined platform for asset managers and banks and will also be available in white label.

Combination of "pricing" and "reporting" platform.

Since 2018 strukis.com has been the first bank-independent provider to offer an independent and consistently transparent multi-issuer platform on which customers can compile their own products using self-explanatory functions and negotiate these directly with a wide range of providers. Every single step of the value chain of trading with structured products can be processed via strukis.com.

CATFP was the first provider to launch a life cycle management platform for structured products in 2010. Since then, reporting on structured products in the important secondary market has become a "must" for every provider and numerous issuers and brokers have their own web solutions. In 2014, CATFP opened its life cycle management platform, which has been successfully used by several private and cantonal banks as well as by asset managers in white label format over the last 6 years.

Ten years after the first rollout, the big remake now follows. CATFP has been working on the new platform and new functions behind closed doors for the last three years and will set new standards with this release. CUGLOS, the new reporting platform, will be rolled out for CATFP customers in the first quarter of 2020. The rollout as a white label solution for banks and asset managers and the free upgrade for existing white label customers will take place by mid 2020.

CUGLOS already monitors almost 10,000 products today and is therefore considered one of the strongest and most robust platforms in the market. In addition to today's reporting requirements for structured products, the platform now also provides important risk figures such as Value-at-Risk, Barrier Hit Probability, Autocall Probability and Deltas as well as all alert and event systems and performance and underlying value analyses. The portfolio management system will be unique and a novelty. It enables the composition, trading and management of entire portfolios of structured products and, in a unique way, displays, calculates and compares the performance of the portfolios in detail.

CUGLOS will become a digital marketplace, the platform will be expanded by regular product ideas, pricing and research. A novel AMC platform as well as the integration of the issuing platform and the open marketplace for products in focus complete the marketplace.

The new Fintech platform

"We have heard from several banks and customers that a bank-independent multi-issuer platform is desired. Issuers' solutions in this area are not appreciated by some banks and asset managers as purely independent. Therefore we decided to join forces with strukis.com and are now able to offer pricing, closing and reporting fully automated via an independent platform", says Giuliano Glocker, CEO of CATFP.

For this purpose CATFP integrates the "Click-and-Trade" platform of strukis.com into CUGLOS and offers the platform to its own customers in the future. In addition, the CATFP reporting platform will be integrated into strukis.com and thus be offered to banks and asset managers - as a single or combined solution as well as in normal or white label format.

The new platform will have interfaces to data providers, portfolio management systems and banking software and can thus be integrated into any financial institution and automatically linked to current and future systems.

The further development of the "click-and-trade" platform strukis.com has already begun. New product types, functions and issuers will be activated in the next months and a rebranding will be carried out in the course of the integration.

The goal is to open the new platform to all market participants and to create a new central and independent marketplace that creates additional value for the entire industry and sets new transparency standards. This new marketplace will therefore be operated outside CATFP and will also be further developed by an independent IT team.

Hans-Peter Kellenberger, CSO of CATFP, says: "Initial talks with banks and asset managers show that there is great interest in the platform, and we have already received initial commitments. Our existing white label partners now benefit from the new release and have the possibility to integrate the "click-and-trade" platform as well. The two platforms "Reporting" & "Pricing" will be offered separately or as a combination package. Many banks are currently looking for a good solution for the reporting and life-cycle management of structured products and their risks and events - our platform offers everything and is a real support for trading, every advisory team and every RM".